Viddyoze Review



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Have you heard about Viddyoze? It’s a piece of software that allows anyone to add advanced 3D animations to their videos in just minutes. Great way to capture more attention and get more views.

Like everyone else, I want to add video to my traffic strategies.

But I don’t know much about making video. And I don’t have the technical skills to create razzle-dazzle effects.

Nor am I the kind of person that enjoys playing with software to see what it can do.

The alternative is outsourcing.

I took a quick look around to see how much that would cost. For a simple logo intro, $10. A basic explainer video, $50. An animated whiteboard video $25. A spokesperson or product review video, $25-50. And all these prices are listed as “starting at…”

That’s all fine if you’re only planning on making one video. But if video is an important part of your traffic or content creation strategy, this could get expensive really fast.

Long before you have any profits rolling in to pay for it.

Viddyoze 2.0


Viddyoze company logo

Enter Viddyoze.

There was all kinds of hoopla over the release of version 2.0, so I decided to buy it and test it out.

For my test, I used a presentation I made in Powerpoint. This doesn’t take much more time than typing the slides, picking a background, and exporting each slide as a JPEG image.

Then import them into iMovie, or whatever editor you want to use. Since I’m a mac user, the free iMovie is the way to go for me. PC users can use Windows Movie Maker.

Now for the fun part.

I went into Viddyoze and created an intro.

It’s so easy that it took longer to watch the tutorial than to actually create the intro.

All you do is choose a template. Then add text, change the colors if you want to, and adjust a few settings. Some of the templates come with music tracks. I chose to not to include the music track for this one.

When I was done, I hit “render.”

I don’t know exactly what that means, other than the little gerbils in the computer (or cloud) are doing something to my video so it can be watched.

Following the advice from the tutorial, I did something else while the rendering went on. After a few minutes, I was able download it.

Then I imported it into iMovie and inserted it at the beginning of my video. Then saved to a file.

Next up, import into YouTube, add a sound track and publish.  Not counting the time it took to write my presentation and watch the tutorials, the whole process took less than an hour.

You can see the results here.


(Spoiler alert: The Viddyoze effects are only in the first five seconds. If you want to watch the whole 3-minute video, I’d be thrilled. Even more if you like it and leave a comment. But that’s not the point of sharing right now.)

Other features of version 2.0 include outros, which are just like intros, but at the end of the video and give you the added bonus of adding a call to action).  You can also create logos, add filters and other effects.

My Opinion of Viddyoze

The Viddyoze intro was easy to create and add. And it adds some spice to the video that wasn’t there before.

If you can use any video editing software at all, you can use Viddyoze.

I also think that as a tool it could help with creating a brand for your videos. There are templates for displaying your logo, for example, as well as other effects I haven’t explored yet.

So check them out and see how easily Viddyoze can turn you into a video superstar.