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People are buzzing about Internet Jet Set, so I thought I’d take a look at the program that’s advertised as the fastest way to build an online business from nothing.

The program was created by John Crestani, who dropped out of college before working for an ad agency. From there he became a wildly successful online entrepreneur.

So successful, even Forbes magazine noticed.

He also has another course, called the Super Affiliate System 12-week course, and his own affiliate network called Nutryst which sells nutraceutical products.

Since I hadn’t heard about John Crestani before, I thought I’d take a look to see what others were saying.

As to be expected, most of the reviews of Internet Jet Set were favorable. The writers all claimed to have used the system and were thrilled with their results.

Then I found this one, written by someone actually bought the product just to test it. His opinion was that Crestani delivers solid, usable information that will help you make money online.

On the other hand, this reviewer didn’t even buy the product. He stated that based on some of John Crestani’s past practices, he didn’t trust anything Crestani would produce. He was certain that the course would be teaching ethically questionable black hat techniques.

Then I found a few reviews that said Internet JetSet is just a course thrown together to get people hooked into buying the more expensive product or coaching program.

That little bit of controversy made me wonder.

Is Internet JetSet legit or not?

In an effort to find out, I bought the course and watched the main videos and many of the bonuses.

Internet JetSet itself sells for $47. There are a few upsells. The first is more in-depth training for $297. The second is a collection of successful case studies for $187, or you can get a short version of the case studies for $97.

I passed on all the upsells.

My Initial Test of Internet JetSet

Repeatedly in the course material, Crestani states that you will make and money and you can make it fast. He even says if you do what he says, you’ll make money within two hours.

I took his advice and tried it.

Did I make any money?

No. But I did get some clicks in my affiliate account, which says in a matter of minutes I did get some traffic.

For about five minutes’ worth of work.

Had I repeated the experiment, I might have gotten enough traffic to get some sales.

So far, so good.

Internet JetSet Course Modules

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The course is organized into several core modules:

  • Introduction to Internet JetSet and the Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Traffic Strategies for Google
  • Traffic Strategies for Facebook
  • Traffic Strategies for YouTube

These modules are all taught by John Crestani himself. Every one of them provides useful, actionable information.

And much of it was new to me. I’d never heard anyone explain how to pick a niche the way Crestani did.

The traffic strategies for Facebook, YouTube and Google were all clearly explained. There was a lot of helpful detail. I am sure that anyone who follows what Crestani teaches and works at it consistently will get great results.

I did thing the Facebook and YouTube sections we

re brilliant. The Google section had the least, but maybe I thought that because of all the SEO research I’ve done.

However, Crestani did not go into detail on some basic skills. For example, in one video he talked about scheduling a Facebook post. He simply instructed viewers who didn’t know how to schedule a Facebook post to google how to do it.

He did this quite often, especially in the Google module.

While it would have been helpful if he’d gone into detail, I have to agree with him that there was no need to take up time in the video to cover information that is readily available elsewhere.

As I was watching the videos, I was on the lookout for black hat or questionable techniques. During the main modules, I only heard Crestani say one thing that I considered dubious.

He addressed at length whether it’s necessary to have used or at least previewed a product before you promote it. He said some people think that if you haven’t done so, you are being unethical. If you are one of them, he says, then always purchase or preview products.

In his opinion, you “need to do what you need to do to earn your living.”

Which implies if you are promoting a product you haven’t tested or at least reviewed in some depth, that’s ok. While I don’t agree with him on that point, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the rest of the course provides great information that can help anyone start making money.

Additional Internet JetSet Modules

These modules are taught by others, but all offer truly valuable tips. Some of them did venture slightly into what I consider ethically questionable territory. Which leaves it up to the viewer to consider what advice they will take and which they will ignore.

Still, the people teaching have all been very successful, so it’s worth listening to what they have to say. Then you can pick and choose what you want to use in your own online business.

These additional modules include:

You Tube

Internet JetSet YouTube icon


The module on YouTube ranking was taught by Jonas Lindgren. This was highly detailed course that runs almost two hours that provides great information on how to get videos to rank not just in YouTube but in Google as well. This one was full of great information.

Setting up Your Website

This module goes into great detail on how to set up a WordPress site and a related Facebook page. If you’ve only set up a site or two, or have never tried to set up your own site, this module will be one you’ll want to watch.

Copywriting basics

This module is taught by Ronnie Sandlin. This was a brief overview of writing advertorials with some helpful tips on how to promote offers so people will buy. Very helpful, especially if you are new to using writing to sell.

Free Internet JetSet Bonus Modules

Then there are the bonus modules, which give more advanced strategies. I only sampled these modules. My initial impression is the quality wasn’t quite as good as the others.

Launch Jacking

Pyong Kim teaches this course through 17 videos over 3.5 hours.

He starts out by talking about unethical launch jacking, which is promoting a product before it’s been released, as if you’ve seen it. He makes a point of stating that what he’s teaching is in fact ethical.

I watched enough of the first video to say I think he’s probably right.

Topics covered include finding and choosing products to promote, setting up your niche site, getting back links, optimizing your site and more.

Authority Review Sites

This course is in my opinion the best of the bonus modules and is taught by Donny Gamble, and lasts just under 2 hours. It covers how you can become an authority in any niche so you can generate passive income.

Facebook Ads

Another 3.5 hour course, this one taught by Carlos Cruz. He specifically addresses how to set up and optimize Facebook ads for affiliate marketers

My Conclusion About Internet JetSet

This is no fluff or filler course, or a tripwire product simply designed to get you to buy the upsell. John delivers some seriously valuable content. For $47, I think it’s a bargain.

I can see why he claims people can start making money fast. In my opinion, his methods will work better if you are trying to promote physical products. But anyone can use them to get free traffic.

What I Liked

  • Material provides great value
  • Each video ends with an assignment to tell you specifically what you need to do next
  • Easy to follow step-by-step method
  • Price very affordable ($47)
  • Active Facebook community where John participates

What I Didn’t Like

A few days after I purchased the course, I received a phone call from one of John’s associates. He proceeded to give a me a very hard sell to buy into the coaching program they offer. It was so hard sell, I almost felt that he was making fun of me for not jumping at the opportunity.

My Assessment of Internet JetSet

If you want to sell physical products, Internet JetSet is the way to get started. I can see how you could easily start making money fast.

This will also work for information products. My sense is that it will take a little longer, but will still work. I know I learned a lot that I’m starting to put to use.

If you’re already successful (making more than $1000 a week) you probably don’t need Internet JetSet. But if you haven’t reached that level, then this product could be what you are looking for to help you finally start making money online.

Just be ready for the hard sell for the coaching program.

And if the idea of any questionable ethics at all bothers you, here’s an excellent different beginner course that in my opinion doesn’t have any of those issues.