Conquer Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

Tidal Wave


There’s a tsunami of content out there. How do you get yours noticed? Get yours to generate results and sales?

Or keep it from getting ignored and washed away like so much debris?

I’ve been asking the same questions myself.

And found these five articles that do a stellar job at solving some of the biggest challenges content marketers face. These challenges involve writing fresh and engaging content as well as getting that content shared.

These articles have shown me how to create more engaging content and to get that content noticed.

Write Engaging Content

Boring content gets you nowhere. Copyhackers shows the way, both in what they’ve written, and how they presented it.

Provide Value

Provide value to your readers. Which means don’t just send them recycled fluff. Do some research to get some data, some details, some depth to your posts.

This doesn’t mean spend an afternoon in the library or scouring Goggle. Use these six research tools instead.

Provide Fresh Content

Recycled content equals boring, forgettable content.

What to do? Use your research to create a unique and fresh post.

Not sure how? Here are seven ways to do just that.

Be Memorable

One study showed that 8 out of 10 people forget branded content in three days. That’s not encouraging for the content marketer!

After delivering the bad news, though, the article goes on to give some practical tips on making content memorable.

Get Shared

Don’t despair if people aren’t seeing your content. This list of six tips will help you fix that problem.

Do you know of some great content marketing resources? Tell us about them in the comments!